★ The Writer And Her Story

Compiled with The Writer, The Writer and Her Story releases the unreleased manuscript of the writer in The Writer: The protagonist tells to his friend the last story before his death. Entwined with layers of plots, murmurs from the vast nothingness in the soul. The book was self-published in 1999, and a later re-edition in 2007.

The Writer And Her Story
Self-published / 1999
15cm x 21cm.128 pages.English
Photocopy, hand bound
100 Limited copies

2005 Edition
15cm x 21cm
Photocopy, hand bound
20 Limited copies

2007 edition by 29s / kubrick / chihoi
14cm x 21cm‧144 pages
Offset printing
ISBN: 978-988-98856-9-4
English with Chinese translation