大騎劫 Hijacking

大騎劫 Hijacking
大騎劫 Hijacking

A collaboration with Kongkee where the two artists transform the literary works of 12 contemporary Hong Kong writers into comics. In Hijacking – Hong Kong Comic Literature comes in two volumes. Each chapter consists of interpretations of Chihoi and Kongkee on one writer, generating diversified perspectives, narratives and visual styles from the original texts. An alliance of the literature and comic circles, and an experimental adventure of language of comics. The book is later translated into French in 2012.

大騎劫 Hijacking
大騎劫 Hijacking
大騎劫 Hijacking
大騎劫 Hijacking
大騎劫 Hijacking

Hijacking – Hong Kong Comic Literature
三聯書店(香港) Joint Publishing (HK)
Dec 2007
19.5cm x 26cm.Full colour offset printing.Chinese
128 pages in volume 1
ISBN: 978-962-04-2725-1
140 pages in volume 2
ISBN: 978-962-04-2726-8

Détournements – La Littérature de Hong Kong on Bande Dessinée
May 2012
Translated by Camille Loivier
16.8cm x 28.3cm.256 pages.French
Full colour offset printing
ISBN: 978-2940329915
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