《灰掐》The Train

《灰掐》The Train
《灰掐》The Train

Based on Taiwanese poet Hung Hung’s (鴻鴻) fiction  “Wooden Horse”, Chihoi adapts and drawsThe Train. Both the original text and Chihoi’s comics are compiled together in this book, titled “灰掐” (Taiwanese language meaning “the train”). It tells a tale of an endless train journey where the love is lost in disconnected train cars. The book is also translated in Italian, French, English and Finnish.

《灰掐》 The Train

黑眼睛文化 Black Eye Culture / Nov 2007
17cm x 23cm.112 pages.Chinese
ISBN: 978-986-82602-8-3

Il Treno
Canicola / Mar 2008
Translated by Giovanna Puppin
15cm x 21cm.88 pages.Italian with English translation
ISBN: 978-88-87827-84-2
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Le Train
Atrabile / Apr 2010
Translated by Camille Loivier
16cm x 22cm.92 pages.French
ISBN: 978-294-0329-717

The Train
Conundrum Press / Sep 2014
Translated by Steve Bradbury
15.2cm x 20.9cm.84 pages
ISBN: 978-1-894994-88-0

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Finnish Comics Society / Aug 2015
Translated by Kalle Hakkola & Hannele Richert
14.8cm x 21cm.84 pages
ISBN: 978-952-5972-16-0

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